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Volunteering in hospitals >>

Financial support for patients’ families throughout the illness >>

Sometimes the road is long and painful. but when you have music in your heart, everything is possible.

As long as the heart wants to sing!

“Path to the heart” fellowship was born out of the necessity to help sick children and their families during those hard times.
In just a moment their life is turned upside down and taken into a new reality of pain and fear.
A child was not supposed to suffer and to be in pain.
So, when such a thing happens, we do everything possible to ease their pain in these harsh times.

By fully supporting and assisting the sick child, he can be less focused on the sickness itself and save energy to heal and overcome the serious sickness.

Founds for
complex treatments

Expensive treatments are often the highest expense for parents of sick children, added to other expenses, families simply can’t afford it all.
We, from “path to the heart”, take care of funding those treatments so the family can focus on the child’s recovery, supporting him and helping him deal with his difficult circumstances.

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in hospitals

Hospital’s stays are often dark, sad and unpleasant.
But it doesn’t have to be like that.
Our volunteers visit hospitals in order to ensure the children a pleasant atmosphere and distract them from the long hospital’s stay.
A smile can change everything. It works!

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Financial support for patients' families throughout the illness

The period of the child’s sickness is not only painful, hard and life-changing, it also costs a fortune.
The treatment expenses, parents inability to financially support the family during this time and more, causes an economic instability that negatively affects the child’s healing process.
We do everything we can to support and help parents to financially manage and ease financial stress during this period.

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Every donation helps us save hundreds of children’s lives who need our help.
Don’t remain indifferent to the cries of a child who needs us.

Together we can be partners in saving lifes!

Sabo is suffering from an atipcally strong cancer that is taking over his body and trying to take him from us.
He is heartbroken and frustrated. Everything hurts him so badly.
He must undergo difficult treatments to survive this cancer and go back to live and laugh.
Shotiko is only 5 years-old, and is already fighting for his life against a very strong cancer.
He is suffering. Treatments are so hard for such a small child.
But if he doesn’t undergo the treatments that he needs, he will leave us at age 5.

I’m Mary, I’m 6 years old. When cancer came back for the second time, it came in a very aggressive way.
My only chance to survive is to take a very expensive series of treatment.
I love my mom; I love my family. Don’t let me die!

She is only 6 years-old. We need to save her >

Kira is only 2 years-old and has a very aggressive type of cancer that is taking over her body.
She is suffering so much. Treatment is finishing with her body and she is not answering to treatment any more.
She needs to go through an experimental treatment that can fight her type of cancer!

We believe that everything is easier when we are together. together we can ease any pain.
Faith can turn the impossible into reality.
Hey friend, we are here for you. we will go through this together!

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